• Symphony No.1 in B minor (1852)
  • Symphony No.2 in C minor (1854)
  • Symphony No.3 in A major (1856)
  • Symphony No.4 in D major, Op. 31 (1865), Columbus (Musikalisches Seegemälde in Form einer Sinfonie)” (Crystal Palace, March 4, 1865)
  • Symphony No.5 in C minor (1870)
  • Symphony No.6 in D minor, Lyrische Sinfonie (1890)
  • Symphony No.7 in C major, Frühlingssinfonie (1894)

Other works for orchestra:

  • Overture in E major for large orchestra (1850)
  • Overture in D minor for large orchestra (1851)
  • Jubilation Overture for large orchestra, dedicated to Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria (1855)
  • Festive Overture in D major, composed at the occasion of the Württemberg royal wedding (1874)
  • Concert Overture
  • Tragic March, dedicated to the soldiers fallen in 1866 war (1866)
  • Celebration March, for the 25-year anniversary of the reign of King Karl I (1889)
  • Festive March for Harmony Band for the anniversary of the Ulanen Regiment of Queen Olga of Württemberg (1883)


Polonaise and Introduction in D major for double bass and orchestra (1848)
Variations and Rondo in C major for double bass and orchestra (1849)
Introduction and Polonaise in C major for double bass and orchestra (1849)
Concertino in F major for double bass and orchestra (1851)
Rondeau for double bass and orchestra in C major (1852)

Chamber Music:

String Quartet in A, dedicated to Karl Eckert (1862)


Anna von Landskron, libretto by Christian Gottfried Nehrlich (premiered 1858, Stuttgart)
König Enzio, libretto by Friedrich Albert Bernhard Dulk (premiered 1862, Stuttgart)
Astorga, libretto by Ernst Pasqué (premiered 1866, Stuttgart)
Enzio von Hohenstaufen (premiered 1875, Stuttgart)
Ekkehard, based on the novel by Joseph Viktor von Scheffel about Ekkehard von St. Gallen (premiered 1878, Hofoper Berlin)
Die Almhoaden, based on the play The Clock of Almudaina by Don Juan Palon y Col, libretto by A. Kröner

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